Press Release Released For Sake of Releasing Press Release

TALENT, OREGON – Feb 11, 2014 (WORTHLESS WIRE) — GenericTech, a leading provider of people empowerment solutions, announced today that the company is putting out a press release simply for the purposes of putting out a press release.

This revolutionary PR approach goes far beyond traditional content marketing to focus on an engaging user experience for any clients who might happen to click on the “In the News” section of GenericTech’s “About Us” company page, showcasing that, by virtue of their ability to spend money on a wire service, that they are truly an HR Technology that’s built to last and grow with any size business, despite a lack of investors or actual clients.

GenericTech, while still in beta, will launch sometime next quarter, and has a robust product roadmap designed for the way companies recruit today.  While the product hasn’t yet launched and lacks the funding to likely develop the product promised, it will revolutionize the way companies connect with top talent.

With social media, mobile recruiting, talent communities, CRM and robust reporting capabilities delivered seamlessly through the cloud, GenericTech will deliver a fully integrated solution to help solve today’s biggest talent management challenges, such as helping employers understanding what these buzzwords actually mean and why they matter to recruiting.  Among the many business advantages are ease, convenience and accuracy, saving recruiters from having to navigate or integrate multiple systems so that they can spend their times on the business critical tasks that matter most, like ignoring candidate phone calls and uploading resumes from job boards as “direct sourcing” leads in order to justify their existence and keep the paychecks coming.  According to the same person who wrote this press release, GenericTech’s new global SaaS solution will finally help talent management practitioners and HR leaders achieve that elusive ‘seat at the table.’

Our new solution is designed with the customer in mind.  We need to actually get a contract signed, and that’s why we’ve retained some of the best IT contractors in the business to help us build what we truly believe is the best demo environment for a product that hasn’t really been built yet,” said Alan Smithee, president, co-founder and Chief Product Evangelist Ninja Guru at GenericTech.  “I can promise you this – it’s going to be really cool, at least in theory. Our clients’ success is our success, mainly because without them, I will likely lose my home and car.”

GenericTech will offer employers a unique approach to big data problems, providing rich analytics and visually stunning dashboards along with a seamless candidate experience, integrations with popular social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook through each product’s open API, monitor source of hire and individual recruiter productivity through end to end analytics so complex that end users are unlikely to know what to do with them, and full mobile enablement through the use of standard HTML5.

Industry experts and analysts agree that GenericTech’s new offering is a game changing technology that alters the recruiting paradigm for the way employers find, attract and engage top talent.

“Based on what I’ve read on Twitter, which is the only actual contact with recruiting I have, this product seems like a must have for employers to win the war for talent,” said self-employed consultant Michelle A. Broadman, better known as @HR_Tech_Guru on Twitter.  “GenericTech’s involvement in our weekly #JobHuntTalentChat has shown that they’re adept at engaging around the buzzwords other unemployed consultants really care about.”

About GenericTech

GenericTech is a leading cloud provider of people management solutions, with a database of more than 200 million publically viewable LinkedIn profiles.  Built on the belief that people are the greatest asset of any business, GenericTech’s “award-winning” SaaS solutions deliver the key weapon in the war for talent by empowering employees and recruiters with the tools and resources they need to work more effectively.

Join the conversation about GenericTech on Twitter!  Follow @GenericTech today or download our free job seeker app on Google Play or the iTunes store (subject to approvals and development of actual app).

Press Contact:

Please e-mail and we’ll find someone on Fiverr with PR experience.  Worked for this release.

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