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Our Employer Brand Is Crisis.


I can’t really say I miss my days in PR with any sort of nostalgia, nor do I think of it fondly – in fact, in retrospect, it kind of sucked. So, why do I bring all of this up?

Well, recently, one of my friends forwarded me an article in the Boston Globe with the kind of title that gives anyone in PR (or HR) nightmares: “Hubspot book is an unflattering portrait of Cambridge company,” the headline screamed. And, of course, immediately caught my interest.

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April Fools: Why Elevated Careers Is A Joke.

Neil Clark Warren, founder of the web–site "", shoots a promotional commercial with couples who met and later married via the web–site. He talks with Jennifer and Jack Epperson of Wellington, Florida, who met on the web–site and later married. They were shooting a promotional commercial in San Marino on 4/16/05.  (Photo by Gary Friedman/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)


The first time I heard eHarmony was making a jobs play was all the way back in the Summer of 2013; I even pushed back a flight home from SHRM to attend an ancillary conference where Dr. Steve Carter, eHarmony’s Chief Data Scientist, was speaking about using their matching software for recruiting for the very first time.

What can I say? I’m a geek like that.

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One More Night In Hollywood.


My freshman year of college, I lived in a high-rise dorm in the middle of the hood. I loved every minute of it. My favorite part, however, was the fact I could see the Hollywood sign from the window of the shared bathroom.

Every morning I looked out and thought to myself how awesome it was to be so close to the action, and it was, as a kid coming straight outta Kansas.

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Thanks, LinkedIn.


I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably sick of reading scathing attacks on LinkedIn by now. Hell, I am too, and I kind of invented the genre.

I’m like the Fritz Lang of trolling this particular company, and by now you know just how many fundamental problems I have with their business model, data integrity and the fact that almost everyone in their editorial, PR or legal functions is a gigantic douchebag.

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It’s Like That: Recruitment Marketing Goes OG.


The fact is, while times have been pretty good for those of us in the business of hiring since segueing from recruiting recession to recovery (to say the least), recruiters who have been around long enough generally know better than to expect that the market is going to stay like this forever.

This is why many talent organizations have already started to squeeze their already sparse spend, looking to pinch pennies throughout the recruiting process.

It seems that in almost every case, the first victim of this employer austerity is existing ad buys, preferring predictive targeting and analytics – pay for performance, it’s pretty obvious, beats post and pray, any day.

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Oh, The People You’ll Meet.

maxresdefault (3)

It’s been a pretty good month for Eisenhower era literature, as Americans discovered Atticus Finch was a racist and Harper Lee still can’t move as many titles as Chelsea Handler, and, perhaps more importantly, Dr. Seuss dropped a new book today. Well, he didn’t do it, although if he was a zombie, that would make him even more badass than he already was, a populist Escher mixing equal parts parenting and psychedelics. Only in a tasteful, understated kind of way, unlike my other great childhood influence, HR Puffnstuff.

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Running Numbers: The Social Recruiting Shell Game

shell game

As someone who’s more or less grown up with the commoditization and corporate adoption of social media, and as someone who gets paid to do this stuff, I’ve seen a huge shift in the way analytics play a role in informing that particular marketing function.

In fact, because it’s more or less a fire hose of structured data tied up in a bow of integrated APIs, social media has become the canary in the coal mine when it comes to analytics—the earliest adopter of some of the most advanced approaches to collecting, interpreting and visualizing the billions of input points going on at any time in real time.

The ability to forecast the relative volume of search engine queries or the reach of a target professional demographic segment on social is how people get paid on the Internet, after all.

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Holla Back.


Today over at, which, as my day job, has replaced this site as the repository for most of my bylined content, Derek Zeller wrote a post about the proliferation of recruiting and HR “influencer” lists. As I edited and formatted the post (which was pretty good, by the way), I started thinking about my position on lists, since this seems to be a hot topic for some reason, despite this being the oldest form of content this side of cuneiform.

And of course, being lazy content, this seemed like an ideal topic for me to weigh in on, since, well, I’m a lazy content marketer, mostly. If I had ambition, I’d probably not be a professional blogger, let’s be honest. Although it’s a hell of a lot more work than it probably looks like – much to my chagrin, because I’d rather be rocking my XBox than the back end of WordPress. But hey, it’s a living – which is why I personally kind of like lists, since for some reason, the people who write checks sure seem to.

While stylistically and philosophically, I’d like to shit on these lists as link baiting BS, I’ve got to be at least a little bit equivocal, since I’ve actually benefitted from being included on many of these “most influential” or “top people you should follow in HR or recruiting.”


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How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center of Social?


Hootsuite, a high growth, high tech employer based in Vancouver has emerged as one of the most widely used social business platforms on the market. Its enterprise social monitoring and publishing tools have fueled the company’s explosive growth from bootstrap to big brand, from start-up to social success story.

In under four years, Hootsuite has grown from under 20 employees to over 700, with plans to hire hundreds more global employees in 12 countries in 2015 alone.

That kind of growth would be daunting enough for pretty much every employer, but as the head of talent for Hootsuite, Ambrosia Humphrey faces a few unenviable talent attraction challenges.

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Smart Phones, Dumb Recruiters.


While candidate experience is largely seen in the strategic and process purview, and mobile tends to be seen largely through the lens of recruiting technology, the fact remains that making a meaningful change to candidate experience means first making a meaningful change to their mobile experience.

As outlined in previous posts, customers are consumers, and therefore expect a consumer level experience when searching for and submitting information online. If you’re reading this post, statistically speaking, you’re likely to be doing so on a mobile device.

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