6 Social Media Content Marketing Lessons

6. People Hate Long Leads. People love numbered lists.
5. Your audience is an algorithm, so when writing, remember, natural language doesn’t work when keywords and clicks are all that count.
4. No one will ever click an anchor link, so you can make up any third party data or quotation to fit your argument whenever you feel like it. If they do, send it to a paid firewall. Fact checking on social media is pretty futile since there’s no expectation of fact in the first place.
3. Selective responses instead of constant engagement and interacting with people with smaller imprints or a lower Klout score but more interesting bios and voice generally pay bigger dividends for credibility.
2. There’s no correlation between quality of content and traffic for blog posts. Any post you’re proud of no one will see, and any post you think is a disposable placeholder will inevitably outperform even the best performing think piece.
1. The shorter, the sweeter.

Why do rhetorical questions work so well for engagement? Leave a comment.

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