No Can Write? No Problem. This is Marketing!


While there are a lot of great software products out there for the HR professional of today, who is as important to business in our rapidly changing times as were the trusty smithies or habadashers of yesteryear. But there are only 8 hours in a workday. You’ve got a limited budget, and even more limited time. 9-5 is hard time, sometimes. But that’s why God invented whiskey!

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Selling Out.


An editor is not supposed to interject their own voice or agenda into their publication; ostensibly, similar to stage managers or offensive linemen or HR generalists, our job is to stay hidden in the background; like the above professions, the only time anyone takes notice of our work is when we screw up.

An editor finds writers, coaches and coaxes content from them, counsels them past missed deadlines and blocked nights and frantic calls and frenetic PR or product people.

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Penny Dreadful: How To Stop Sucking At Storytelling


They tell me that a lot of people have been asking about my session at the Social. Sourcing. Talent. (#SST2014) conferences, “Using Your Blog To Tell Your Story.” So, they asked me to write a post on it.  No pressure.  But it’s kind of hard to write a promotional post for a topic with that title without sounding like a totally pretentious douche canoe.

This has rarely stopped me before, but writing about writing is self-indulgent – which, mixed with the intrinsic self-promotion of previewing a presentation I’m going to give likely won’t incentivize any registrants, which I suppose is the purported purpose of this post.

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Spam: The Other White Meat


I’ll admit, I’m a little elitist – after all, I was one of the first people LinkedIn let into the Publisher program back when they opened it up a bit from the Buffetts and Bransons of the world to regular schmoes like me who happen to have a decent digital footprint.

While I simply logged on one day to find a little pencil hanging out there (I’m a known entity to both LinkedIn’s marketing and legal teams as I devote a lot of column inches to covering their chicanery), there was in fact a rigorous screening process (they said) involving an application, submission of work for review, social media account verification, the sorts of stuff you do when you’re shooting for selectivity.

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Why Blogging Best Practices Are BS


Paris Syndrome is a psychological disorder, clinically proven, that, while rare, presents itself in very specific situations: almost unilaterally, it affects Japanese tourists visiting Paris, hence its name (although, occasional cases have been documented in Florence).

In many cases, these tourists report to having either full blown panic attacks or outbursts of pure mania, visual and aural hallucinations as well as a complete sense of disorientation, or an out of body, uncontrollable experience.

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Once Upon A Time: A Post in 3 Acts

east of eden


Act I: Set-Up

The shaman figures prominently in many Precolumbian and aboriginal cultures, and for millennia they acted as stewards of an oral legacy stretching back to time immemorial.  Around dancing fires, the people huddled and listened as the Shaman cast his spell; but his sorcery was not supernatural – it was story telling. Without stories, there is no past, and without a past, there can be no identity, no destiny, only the perpetual present, stuck spinning forever.

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How To Create A Blog Post in 10 Easy Steps

There are a few common misperceptions when it comes to creating blog content.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a writer to blog, nor do you need to actually have anything to say.

After all, you’re creating digestible, disposable content that’s probably going to get skimmed.

That is if anyone actually reads your stuff (and chances are, they won’t…particularly if it’s a corporate blog).

But if the fact that blogging remains the least time effective and most labor intensive form of online communication doesn’t dissuade you, or if you’re solipsism is sated by any byline, here are 10 steps to creating a blog post.

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