5 Keys to #Winning On Twitter

Keep your lead short and go straight to the content.

1. Be Pithy: people eat up inspirational bullshit like quotes about leadership, Ken Blanchard self-help stuff and anything that looks like it belongs on a Successories mug, circa 1989.
2. Be Snarky: Per the first point, there’s too much saccharine sweetness on Twitter already. And someone needs to call people out on that. As an added bonus, it’s the best way to entertain yourself if you find yourself in the god-awful position of actually having to do this for business.
3. Co-opt hashtags as needed: They’re what makes a tweet a tweet, after all, and if you’re at an event (or just pretending to be) it totally gets you in good with the cool kids – or makes you look like one to all of the people you’re trying to impress with the real objective of “personal branding” (gag) which is, “Look How Much Better My Life Is Than Yours!” Although whomever came up with the phrase “personal branding” clearly leads a miserable, socially isolated, cat-filled existence.
4. Don’t RT @Mashable: Everyone’s already read it, and no one really cares.
5. Create listed blog content that takes no effort whatsoever, than link to it with a clever title. Like this one.

Of course, the best thing you can probably do on Twitter is stay the hell away. Talk about a time suck. But, if you’ve read this far, then you already know there are far bigger wastes of time out there.

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