15 Offensive Posts I Wanted To Write But Couldn’t Get Away WIth

As much as I write (which, really, isn’t much considering this is what I do), I spend twice as much time starting stuff that never sees the light of day. My process is title first, then actual content.That almost never works.

Making completing an actual post instead of scrapping it a few hundred words in is that I realize I either have absolutely nothing to say on the subject or what I do is so offensive that publishing it would likely instigate some sort of intifada directed at me. Also why the featured image on this post is not an artist rendering of the Prophet Mohammed, by the way.  Much of what I start never sees the light of day, as I do have a filter, contrary to public believe and an overwhelmingly contradictory cannon of evidence


But the titles are decent, and if you can do anything with them, they’re all yours. Hell if I can make them work.

1. The HR Rectal Epidemic: Getting the Stick Out
2. Top 5 Interviewing Mindgames To Screw WIth A Candidate’s Head
3. Diversity and Me: WHy Being A White Guy Sucks Sometimes
4. Like a Rolling Stone: WHy “Rock Stars” Make Terrible Hires & “Ninjas” Stab You In the Back
5. Social Media Won’t Really Get You A Job, Stupid
6. Tips for Lighting Your Cigars WIth $100 Bills from Top HR Tech Execs
7. How To Use Your Sexiest Staff To Build A Seductive Talent Brand
8. Pairing Recruiting Responsibilities WIth the Perfect Cocktail: A Staffing Survival Guide
9. Why Most HR & Recruiting People Creep Me The Hell Out on Social Media
10. Does Anyone Know Most “Thought Leaders” Are Really Just High All the Time?
11. Canada: WHen Will You Realize No One Cares?
12. Video Interviewing Best Practices From Adult Entertainment All Stars
13. Sourcing Reddit For Candidates WHo Will Believe Anything
14. Candidate Experience: How To Pick Up A Job Seeker At A Career Fair or College Hiring Event
15. What To Do When Your Hiring Manager Demands A Midget (aside: it’s happened to me)

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