Office Politics.


Despite our general apathy about politics, like an Olympic Athlete in some obscure sport, our collective focus gets drawn every 4 years to the race to become the Leader of the Free World – which is one hell of an optimistic job search objective, if you think about it.

This increased interest in politics happens every national election cycle, of course. This year, however, has created the proverbial perfect storm for political debate, through the rise of a certain controversial candidate increasingly looking like a major party’s inevitable nominee, mostly.

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Thanks, LinkedIn.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably sick of reading scathing attacks on LinkedIn by now. Hell, I am too, and I kind of invented the genre.

I’m like the Fritz Lang of trolling this particular company, and by now you know just how many fundamental problems I have with their business model, data integrity and the fact that almost everyone in their editorial, PR or legal functions is a gigantic douchebag.

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Candidate Experience by Design.

We must accept that today’s job search and recruiting process happens exclusively online, for every position, for every candidate, for every sector (save the oddest of outliers). Paper applications are pretty much dead. Period.

In fact, in the few searches where a pipeline candidate or referral is already identified prior to opening the requisition for the requisite time period to the public (suckers), those hand-picked candidates still have to go through the online application process at some point.

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It’s Like That: Recruitment Marketing Goes OG.

The fact is, while times have been pretty good for those of us in the business of hiring since segueing from recruiting recession to recovery (to say the least), recruiters who have been around long enough generally know better than to expect that the market is going to stay like this forever.

This is why many talent organizations have already started to squeeze their already sparse spend, looking to pinch pennies throughout the recruiting process.

It seems that in almost every case, the first victim of this employer austerity is existing ad buys, preferring predictive targeting and analytics – pay for performance, it’s pretty obvious, beats post and pray, any day.

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Equal Opportunity Employment Is A Myth.

As a white male, there are few conversation topics more taboo than talking about (much less writing about) the issue of race. It’s one of those things, like politics, sex or religion, that’s just not considered apropos for the workplace.

This is why we only speak of ‘race’ in terms of “diversity” and “inclusion.”

While these precepts are predicated on overt prejudice, frankly, for some reason the not so subtle institutionalized quota system that equal opportunity employment and affirmative action represent have become firmly entrenched as a dedicated HR discipline.

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I’m Hiring, So What the Hell?

This probably won’t work, but it pays $12.50 an hour temp to perm. What that looks like depends largely on what you do, frankly. I’d prefer someone based in Dallas Ft. Worth but if you’re right for the job I could give two shits.

Also our economy is decent here in North Texas (and by all means Amazon, Facebook and Google data centers are the better bid in tech here, so do that if you can). But there’s a chance this isn’t as enticing as it would be in like, St. Louis or Detroit.

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So, You Want To Be A Recruiter?

While there’s been some slight advances in the tools and technologies available for finding top talent, even the most advanced systems are simply automating what the most effective sourcers and recruiters have always done and will always do, because you don’t need a matching algorithm, machine learning or even any professional certification or credentials to be a kick-ass sourcing pro.

You don’t even have to be particularly inclined towards tools or tech, nor do you need a ton of experience—in fact, in sourcing, that can often be a liability. That’s because to be good at sourcing or recruiting, you really only need one quality: “learning agility.”

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Seen Work: A Dispassion Play.

Identical work stations line the stage. Faceless workers sit at desks, typing in unison to the loud TICK of an unseen clock, like an employer branding video directed by Busby Berkeley and written by George Orwell.

LIGHTS UP on TOM, 30s and cookie cutter corporate, sitting at a desk downstage center.

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Shit I Did in 2015.

Warning: massive self-indulgence ahead. It’s my blog, asshole.

Last year, I looked back at 2014 and thought, at the time, I had had my annus mirabilis.

I had just settled into my apartment with my fiance, my preternaturally cute Cavalon puppy, and was just starting to get a taste of what actually having people pay attention to me was like – and, then, I kinda liked it. Life was as good then as I could have imagined, mainly for the novelty value of the kind of stability I hadn’t known in a long time.

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Socialist Media: Viaja en Cuba.

“A revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past.”   – Fidel Castro.

Contrary to popular belief, I actually take great pains not to personally attack people, only institutions – which means that while I can attack “HR Ladies” in general, writing a response to my most recent trip to Cuba would require a bit more nuance than I’m used to.

Second paragraph, second communist quote, but Stalin once said, “The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.”

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