Underneath It All: Don’t Speak About These 10 Biggest BS Buzzwords.

For an industry whose professional certification involves “competency based assessments,” there’s a surprising amount of incompetence when it comes to sorting out the product marketing buzz and BS coming from companies offering the coolest stuff you never really needed to fix a problem you didn’t know you had. Of course, where “best practices” are basically […]

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The Top 10 Reasons HR Bloggers Suck.

There’s the A List, the B List, and so forth. Of course, as Courtney Stodden and Andy Dick prove, even the F List at least get invited to the occasional VH1 awards ceremony and shop at Kitson. Below that, on the totem pole of fame, there are local network affiliate meteorologists, inspirational speakers and newspaper columnists. Then, […]

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Original Content.

I haven’t posted content here the last couple weeks, so while I was thinking about reposting one I actually liked from the corporate blog this week, I would crank out original content, instead. See, kids, original content is basically cocaine for digital marketers, and rather than ruin my search results by reposting stuff I own the […]

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