Behind the Buzz: Video Interviewing

I had to write a post on video interviewing, because somehow, this has become an integral part of HR Technology, and that’s the beat I pretty much cover. And I’ve been hearing for two years how my skepticism can be overcome, how I just don’t understand the technology behind video interviewing (really complicated) or some […]

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Video Recruiting & Hiring: Ready for Prime Time?

While I was attending film school (a qualifier that probably severely undercuts the credibility of the rest of this article), I never ceased to be amazed at the fact that while my emerging oeuvre of crappy handheld shorts – always shot without any semblance of a budget, production design or, you know, an actual narrative […]

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Social Media Tool Time

What is the top driver for worker engagement, satisfaction and employee retention? Numerous studies show that an employee’s relationship with their immediate supervisor or manager is key, a correlation that’s even more pronounced in the burgeoning ranks of the Gen Y workforce.

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