Blind As A Bat: Oracle, Catz and the Heavyside Lawyer

Oracle has sued Google; Supreme Court accepts case which will set precedent on API ownership, fair use doctrine.

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The G Spot: Google Gets Into the HR Tech Game, Because Why Not?

For a function long consigned to being something of a technological backwater, the very thought that the most ubiquitous, transformative and, arguably, the most innovative company in the history of technology has thrown its hat in the recruiting ring is, well, unbelievable. So, if today’s official launch of Google Hire, the Mountain View based behemoth’s […]

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Things Done Changed: The Everyday Struggle of Applicant Tracking Systems.

“And now the shit’s getting crazier and major; Kids younger than me, they got the SkyBrand pagers; Going Out of Town, Blowing Up; 6 Months Later, All the Dead Bodies Showing Up.” -The Notorious B.I.G. There is no single piece of technology that’s more universally despised throughout recruiting’s rank and file than applicant tracking systems. […]

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