How Recruiters Read Resumes

Let me be clear: I actually admire those who have figured out a way to monetize providing services to the unemployed. Most marketers would probably, conducting a SWOT analysis, point to the fact that categorically, those without jobs who are “actively looking” likely lack disposable income. But, you see, that’s capitalism in action.

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Social Media Can’t Fix What’s Broken

A couple years ago, I thought that social media, at least when it came to HR and recruiting, was an online bubble bound to burst quicker than you can say Second Life.

After all, HR professionals tend to suffer from stasis, and that’s slowed the growth of social media somewhat, but not the increasing awareness that we’ve got to do something different to really make a difference.

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5 Reasons Why Cloud Computing Matters in Talent Management

Chances are you’ve heard of the cloud by now, or even used the term yourself, but haven’t really stopped to give it a lot of thought.

If you’ve logged into Google, bought a book on Amazon, “liked” an article on Facebook or streamed a movie on Netflix, you’ve seen cloud computing in action — yet probably weren’t even aware of it.

Similarly, the convergence of cloud computing with HR systems is already ubiquitous, yet invisible.

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On Writing

If you’ve noticed I haven’t posted a lot of content recently, the truth of the matter is, I don’t write a lot of content that’s not copy I’m getting paid for.  Why?  It’s simple, really.  I hate writing.  But I have the curse of being able to do it cogently, and sometimes, eloquently. But the process is probably the worst thing in the world, because, well, there isn’t one.  I’d like to think writing is a craft, and it all comes down to discipline, but really, it doesn’t.  In the end, it comes down to motivation.

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Social Media Tool Time

What is the top driver for worker engagement, satisfaction and employee retention?

Numerous studies show that an employee’s relationship with their immediate supervisor or manager is key, a correlation that’s even more pronounced in the burgeoning ranks of the Gen Y workforce.

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Social Media & Diversity

My very first business trip ever, I went to Atlanta for the National Black MBA Association annual event, thrilled by the prospect of a transcontinental flight crammed in coach, a non-nondescript high rise hotel room and a 40 dollar a day per diem – a pretty sweet deal, I thought, considering I was completely unqualified.

It had nothing to do with the fact that as a white guy who went to film school, I was pretty much the polar opposite of a black MBA. I knew how to get around picking up the phone – a skill which is apparently now referred to as “social recruiting” and involved a lot of researching various professional associations and diversity organizations.

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My HR Technology European Vacation

In his keynote presentation at the 2012 HR Technology Europe Conference in Amsterdam, Across Technology CEO Peter Hinnson discussed the concept of “the new normal,” and the impact of the “consumerization of technology” on the constantly evolving world of work.

While the jury’s still out if “consumerization” is an actual word (although dictionaries can’t possibly keep pace with Moore’s Law, after all), it was a recurring theme throughout the conference – and the industry dialogue in general.

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Recruiting, Karma and the Candidate Experience

Originally published on the Talent Technology Blog

We can talk about candidate experience all day (and do), but here’s the real reason why recruiters should care: as last in, first out when it comes to headcount, and as a pretty significant corporate cost center, you’re basically one bad business decision away from being a candidate yourself.

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The Best of the #HRTech Backchannel

Walking onto a trade show floor is like walking into a Moroccan bazaar, a myriad of vendors promoting every ware imaginable, from the esoteric to the mundane, to passersby running the gamut from deep-pocketed pashas (your Fortune 500 buyer) to penny-begging thieves (think: start-up sales guys).

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