I’m Hiring, So What the Hell?

This probably won’t work, but it pays $12.50 an hour temp to perm. What that looks like depends largely on what you do, frankly. I’d prefer someone based in Dallas Ft. Worth but if you’re right for the job I could give two shits.

Also our economy is decent here in North Texas (and by all means Amazon, Facebook and Google data centers are the better bid in tech here, so do that if you can). But there’s a chance this isn’t as enticing as it would be in like, St. Louis or Detroit.

That you get this fact means you can keep reading…or not, since it’s a job description and that means no one will read a damned word if it’s not about how to apply. Hint: scroll to end for the big reveal.

The Job.

You write. A lot. No matter what the topic is, you deliver on deadline. Here’s the value proposition: it’s a steady writing gig that pays money and looks good on a resume,

For the right person, it will turn into a full time job with benefits and stuff. But you’ve got to prove you can cut it, first. For everyone else, it pays better than managing a fast food restaurant or retail joint and you’ll probably get to travel and look like a bad ass.

You can call yourself a professional writer. You won’t be lying. That’s the job.

Who You Are.

You’re a good writer and can crank out consistently quality copy on time, no matter what the topic. You can smell BS but also put up with a fair amount of it at the same time. Be able to go to bed at night living with that fact of life.

You must have a degree from a real college or university or be in your final semester of one to be considered. So no for profit schools or diploma mills. We’d say Arizona State but that’s illegal. But we can say no regionally accredited degrees, no job. Murica.

The hiring manager wants someone who wants to be a writer and is willing to work to become a great one. Ideally, they’ll be able to byline and establish their own voice and area of expertise and hit the road as a “thought leader” which is fun and pays surprisingly well, too. Cha-ching.

So geeks and nerds are totally cool, but you can’t sit in a corner playing WOW by yourself all day, either. Also, if you consistently misuse hashtags or emoticons, Keep Up With the Kardashians or think Business Insider is publishing genius, keep on keeping on (buh bye).

Be smart, sarcastic, kind of cynical and know you can’t be cool by saying you’re cool. Also self-deprecation welcome, since we blog about boring business stuff for a living. Find the fact people pay money for someone to handle their social media ironic but awesome. Don’t be afraid to troll, but you’d better be funny. Just don’t be a douchebag.

420 Friendly, because we can if you can do your job. Better than retail there, too.

Really preferred: be a weirdo liberal arts grad who needs a better job and thinks they’re the best writer they know, save maybe Bukowski, Hemingway or Tarantino. No Jane Austen fans need apply, but Anais Nin aficionados welcome. You know what that means, you qualify.

What To Do:

E-Mail one really awesome sample as a DOCUMENT (not a link) and a LinkedIn profile or resume or about.me or some way to scope you out before reading your magnum opus to matt@recruitingdaily.com.

There. If you’re qualified, you also can use that above URL to research us, and if you don’t, have fun flipping burgers. Or even worse, quoting Malcolm Gladwell for like a classroom full of violent preschoolers who will hire anything with a degree who’s willing to work, just like us.

Talk if you check out and your sample is good. Otherwise, you know there’s a 99.99% chance we’re not getting back to you, so take that as the only feedback you need. #4, Chicken Sandwich, ready for pickup at the counter.


10 Comments on “I’m Hiring, So What the Hell?”

  1. You really are going to require a degree- even if life, skills and sample were solid? How last century. Is there really another Matt Charney out there? Could two of them work together or, like matter and anti-matter, they simply cancel?

    • Why is this so controversial? Not the first person to mention this, but that’s a prequalification for knowledge work that shouldn’t need a justification. I am sorry, but in my world, this is a minimum qualification for basically working for free in the WME news room much less anything else. Plus, you learn one thing in a traditional college environment: how to research and create persuasive writing in long form on really arcane subjects by deadline. That’s the critical competency for the job. Thinking “the school of hard knocks” is a substitute for this sort of training is last century – and the requested sample is going to be the determinant here. But if life was fair, I’d be paying way more than I’m able to for this…

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  3. I get it, thx for the reminder! Make your JD’s interesting, truthful, tell it like it is. It’s the best. Appreciate it!

  4. I love this. Almost makes me wish I had finished that Liberal Arts degree from that honest to god, for reals I swear, university. Alas, I chucked it when I realised I wasn’t going to make any money, and perhaps become a bum with the degree paper as my pillow- and instead struck out into a ‘real’ job as a recruiter.

      • Hey now, in fairness to recruiters, we are usually not the villains writing up the heinous and ever dreaded job description. You’ve got me on the droll adverts, but some of us pretend to have some semblance of prose.

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