Head of the Class: The Diversity Double Standard.

HEAD OF THE CLASS, (from left): Dan Frischman, Tony O'Dell, Kimberly Russell, Howard Hesseman, Robin Givens, Dan Schneider, Brian Roberts, Jory Husain, 1986-91. ©Warner Bros. Television / Courtesy: Everett Collection

“Me move to Stockton, him fed him monster, I can’t live here no more. Sip holy water, turned working people into the working poor. Well I keep on knocking; I keep on knocking but I can’t get in.”

– Fantastic Negrito, The Working Poor

Every so often I have to make the trip to the belly of the beast better known as the Bay Area. It is not a trip I necessarily relish, and it’s got nothing to do with the preponderance of Giants fans, Berkeley alums or even the gratuitous use of the word “hella,” which hella sucks.

Maybe a decade ago, sure, but times is changing, and the drunks and trannies in the Tenderloin have been run out by the likes of Twitter. South of Market has gone from the middle of nowhere, or where you ended up if you got lost getting on the 101, to the center of the tech universe.

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Equal Opportunity Employment Is A Myth.

pretty fly

As a white male, there are few conversation topics more taboo than talking about (much less writing about) the issue of race. It’s one of those things, like politics, sex or religion, that’s just not considered apropos for the workplace.

This is why we only speak of ‘race’ in terms of “diversity” and “inclusion.”

While these precepts are predicated on overt prejudice, frankly, for some reason the not so subtle institutionalized quota system that equal opportunity employment and affirmative action represent have become firmly entrenched as a dedicated HR discipline.

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40 Recruiting Buzzword Definitions, Zero Bullshit.


’m just going to jump right into this one; no one wants content or complexity in their content, therefore, leads are just kind of a waste of space. Everyone wants sound bites, instead – 140 characters or less, preferably.

So if you hate reading, love infographics and think critical thinking or subtext kind of suck, you’re in luck. Forget nuanced blog posts or balanced argumentation or even BS business cases.

Here are 40 talent trending topics for all you non-readers (er, “thought leaders”) out there, explained in one line or less.

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Millennials Drive Like This: The Why of Gen Y

2013-10-14_11-13-58What if I told you that a sketch comedian and a capitalist came together to basically invent an entire category of HR theory? That’s not a joke – that actually happened. Before the term Gen Y was first coined in Ad Age (1993), or Douglas Coupland first strung together the words “Generation X” (1991), William Strauss and Neil Howe got together and captured what probably was not a zeitgeist as much as a good old fashioned tent revival-style bid to part that fool and his money.

Strauss, you see, was at the time a member of the Capitol Steps, which is like the dinner theatre version of that “I’m Just a Bill” Schoolhouse rock video.  And Howe?  He was an economist for the Blackstone Group, which is to say, the ultimate Wall Street guy, a banker’s banker, credible, sure, profit hungry, well – that’s the entire point of private equity, and its sole agenda.

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Social Media & Diversity

My very first business trip ever, I went to Atlanta for the National Black MBA Association annual event, thrilled by the prospect of a transcontinental flight crammed in coach, a non-nondescript high rise hotel room and a 40 dollar a day per diem – a pretty sweet deal, I thought, considering I was completely unqualified.

It had nothing to do with the fact that as a white guy who went to film school, I was pretty much the polar opposite of a black MBA. I knew how to get around picking up the phone – a skill which is apparently now referred to as “social recruiting” and involved a lot of researching various professional associations and diversity organizations.

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