Why Candidate Experience Is More Than Another BS Buzzword


There are a ton of meaningless buzzwords that get tossed out in the weird little world that is talent acquisition content marketing. “Talent communities,” for example, or “big data” or “diversity” are all pretty meaningless concepts that for some reason, people choose to make mountains of cash out of what are proverbial miniscule molehills at […]

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How To Stop Sucking At Interviews


Interviewing well for a job doesn’t take real magic.  But as every recruiter knows, what it really takes is a method.  Knowing that method can make or break your chances of landing your next gig, because too many job seekers forget that if they’re interviewing, they aren’t the only one that employer has lined up […]

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Pour One Out For These Dead Recruiting Trends, Homies.


Recruiting and HR pundits sure seem to like writing obituaries.  Hell, there’s an entire cannon of posts, white papers and corporate copy on the death of any number of human capital-related themes.  Reading through this generic genre, everything from job boards to resumes (false) to LinkedIn (true) are either dead or on life support. Most […]

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I’m Not In HR. Trust Me.


I haven’t written much recently, because the fact of the matter is I suck at writing on the road.  When you train as a writer formally (which is to say, you pay to learn stuff you don’t need to know) and have silence and solipsism built into your process, it’s hard to find a corner […]

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On Starting A Career


LinkedIn seems to be pimping this #IfIWere22 thing kind of hard, which is cute, considering that basically puts this retrospective series already out of the most desired online demographic. But for those Golden Girls aficionados, 60 Minutes enthusiasts and Murder She Wrote fans who think that LinkedIn is, in fact, a social network, 22 sounds like […]

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Goodonya: Once on This Island


There’s something almost mystical about Australia – which makes sense, considering its antipodal positioning.  And, I can tell you from experience, that 17 hour plane ride across the Pacific sucks.  You know when you get excited that the monotony of sky and surf is broken by some remote atoll or, better yet, a barge – […]

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In The Key of C: Top 5 Characteristics of Great Recruiters


Update/Sidenote: I wrote this post because I intentionally wanted to put together the most banal, cliched post possible to demonstrate/validate the inverse correlation between traffic/shares and quality of the actual content.  I am delighted that I was wrong.  This piece of garbage, from this site to RecruitingBlogs to LinkedIn Publisher, has gotten no love at all, […]

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Press Release Released For Sake of Releasing Press Release


TALENT, OREGON – Feb 11, 2014 (WORTHLESS WIRE) — GenericTech, a leading provider of people empowerment solutions, announced today that the company is putting out a press release simply for the purposes of putting out a press release. This revolutionary PR approach goes far beyond traditional content marketing to focus on an engaging user experience […]

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A Questionable Post: Interviewing’s Greatest Weakness


If you want interviewing advice, there’s literally millions of options out there, and more or less, most of them say exactly the same thing.  “Research the company, prepare questions to ask, show up 10 minutes early, make eye contact,” the sort of thing that seems pretty obvious to any candidate who makes it through even […]

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Influenca: Ignoring The Influence Industry


The last few weeks have brought on an onslaught of posts dedicated to HR and recruiting trends, although it’s a constant staple of almost every B2B editorial calendar, New Year’s or not. The funny thing is, upon closer inspection it seems that in the business of hiring, trends aren’t actually defined by consumer demand or market […]

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