In The Key of C: Top 5 Characteristics of Great Recruiters


Update/Sidenote: I wrote this post because I intentionally wanted to put together the most banal, cliched post possible to demonstrate/validate the inverse correlation between traffic/shares and quality of the actual content.  I am delighted that I was wrong.  This piece of garbage, from this site to RecruitingBlogs to LinkedIn Publisher, has gotten no love at all, […]

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Press Release Released For Sake of Releasing Press Release


TALENT, OREGON – Feb 11, 2014 (WORTHLESS WIRE) — GenericTech, a leading provider of people empowerment solutions, announced today that the company is putting out a press release simply for the purposes of putting out a press release. This revolutionary PR approach goes far beyond traditional content marketing to focus on an engaging user experience […]

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A Questionable Post: Interviewing’s Greatest Weakness


If you want interviewing advice, there’s literally millions of options out there, and more or less, most of them say exactly the same thing.  “Research the company, prepare questions to ask, show up 10 minutes early, make eye contact,” the sort of thing that seems pretty obvious to any candidate who makes it through even […]

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Influenca: Ignoring The Influence Industry


The last few weeks have brought on an onslaught of posts dedicated to HR and recruiting trends, although it’s a constant staple of almost every B2B editorial calendar, New Year’s or not. The funny thing is, upon closer inspection it seems that in the business of hiring, trends aren’t actually defined by consumer demand or market […]

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Higher Hires: Reefer Madness & Recruiting

recruiting reefer

There are few topics more taboo in the strange sweater and swag filled world of HR than smoking weed, or “ingesting marijuana,” if you’re an employee handbook or an SPHR. But Colorado’s recent reefer legalization proved a big hit for HR and recruiting content. This coverage certainly sparked a bowl of controversy and commentary about […]

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The One About #SourceCon


The first recruiting industry event I attended was the Social Recruiting Summit in New York City in 2009, then only months removed from actually recruiting for the most magical place on earth.  And I remember how excited I was by having finally met a group of people who were just as geeked out about this […]

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Why Sourcing Isn’t Dead – But Sourcers Are


My immersion into the world of recruiting and HR started in sourcing, and the ability to find people and information on the internet has continued to be one of the most valuable professional skills I possess, even if I’m years removed from actually filling reqs. The thing about it is, it’s never been actually all […]

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Glamour Shots: 5 Vendors Getting Employer Branding Right


Nothing resonates with candidates quite like real photos of real employees at work, particularly if they aren’t actually working.  You can’t accurately convey your culture with everyone back in their cubicles or sitting through a meeting to plan more meetings, or really any part of work that looks like work at all, really.

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CE Change: The Only Fix for Candidate Experience Is Compliance


Candidate experience is another one of those terms recruiters just can’t seem to shut up about. But unlike the blizzard of buzzwords mostly designed to sell consulting services and content marketing, it’s one that, if anything, we should all be talking about more. The reason is, unlike, say, employer branding, candidate experience is actually a […]

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Buzz or BS? Don’t Believe the Hype About These 3 Recruiting Trends

The Original Talent Community.

Last week’s post, “3 Hot Recruiting Trends We Should Shut Up About, Already” created a ton of comments and conversation about some of the “trends” that real recruiters and real candidates really could care less about.  The feedback was pretty uniform: most “best practices” and “recruiting challenges” are just a market play by consultants and […]

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