Higher Hires: Reefer Madness & Recruiting

recruiting reefer

There are few topics more taboo in the strange sweater and swag filled world of HR than smoking weed, or “ingesting marijuana,” if you’re an employee handbook or an SPHR. But Colorado’s recent reefer legalization proved a big hit for HR and recruiting content. This coverage certainly sparked a bowl of controversy and commentary about […]

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HR Trendspotting: A Look Ahead at 2014


It’s the holidays, which means it’s that special time when B2B marketers start pushing lazy, self-congratulatory content (“our favorite posts of the year!”) and, even more noxious, the prediction post. You know, the kind where bloggers talk about what’s going to happen next year. Which is weird, because you’d think if bloggers could predict the […]

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CE Change: The Only Fix for Candidate Experience Is Compliance


Candidate experience is another one of those terms recruiters just can’t seem to shut up about. But unlike the blizzard of buzzwords mostly designed to sell consulting services and content marketing, it’s one that, if anything, we should all be talking about more. The reason is, unlike, say, employer branding, candidate experience is actually a […]

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Buzz or BS? Don’t Believe the Hype About These 3 Recruiting Trends

The Original Talent Community.

Last week’s post, “3 Hot Recruiting Trends We Should Shut Up About, Already” created a ton of comments and conversation about some of the “trends” that real recruiters and real candidates really could care less about.  The feedback was pretty uniform: most “best practices” and “recruiting challenges” are just a market play by consultants and […]

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Hiring Assessments & Astrology


It’s pretty obvious recruiting isn’t rocket science, but it might as well be.  The goal of talent management, after all, basically involves looking for “stars” and making sure they’re ‘aligned’ with organizational needs, lest they end up in the “black hole” of the hiring process.  That’s why it’s time to take a look at the […]

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Armageddon and the War for Talent


People have been foretelling the end of time since pretty much the beginning of it, and most of them are crazy – the ring a bell, stand on the corner in Times Square with a sandwich board and sackcloth kind of crazy. But then again, some of those people are the foundation for major world […]

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Company Culture and Social Media

Company culture is a lot like meetings and memos: it’s an inescapable, and inevitable, part of the employee (and candidate) experience. But with the rise of social media, virtual employees and global teams, new business paradigms mean that when it comes to communicating culture, it’s anything but business as usual. At its core, every company’s “culture” […]

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Social Media Can’t Fix What’s Broken

A couple years ago, I thought that social media, at least when it came to HR and recruiting, was an online bubble bound to burst quicker than you can say Second Life. After all, HR professionals tend to suffer from stasis, and that’s slowed the growth of social media somewhat, but not the increasing awareness […]

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Social Media & Diversity

My very first business trip ever, I went to Atlanta for the National Black MBA Association annual event, thrilled by the prospect of a transcontinental flight crammed in coach, a non-nondescript high rise hotel room and a 40 dollar a day per diem – a pretty sweet deal, I thought, considering I was completely unqualified. […]

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The Big 3 Questions of Talent Acquisition

When creating a social media recruitment strategy, there are 3 critical considerations every employer or talent organization must address directly and comprehensively. The good news is, you already know the answers to these crucial questions, and while unique to every company, recruiter and job opportunity, those answers provide a strategic, measurable framework for social recruiting […]

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