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Social Recruiting: Behind the Buzzwords at #HRTechConf


I was kind of surprised when my friends over at SHRM reached out to me with a few questions about social recruiting; after all, SHRM is decidedly not a recruiting-focused organization, and that same membership that seems to actively work to block their employees social media access also is, in my experience, anti-social (at least […]

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Communicative Diseases: Why We Suck At Engagement


The direct connection between disengaged workers and a disengaged recruiting process, where applicants continue to get sucked into the “black hole” of communication and even candidates in process are often left wondering where they stand in the search, should be obvious. So too should the fact that improving the candidate experience is inextricably intertwined with […]

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This Is Probably A Bad Idea.

Disclaimer: This is my personal blog, no one reads it, and this is the only place it’s going to be published, so if you want to reach me about it, leave a comment below or leave me alone.  But it’s got nothing to do with my day job. I finally got in touch with the […]

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Spam: The Other White Meat


I’ll admit, I’m a little elitist – after all, I was one of the first people LinkedIn let into the Publisher program back when they opened it up a bit from the Buffetts and Bransons of the world to regular schmoes like me who happen to have a decent digital footprint. While I simply logged […]

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Recruiters: The Real Brand Ambassadors


I think a lot of my work was inspired by Punk Rock HR, which was the only recruiting related blog I actually read when I was actually recruiting; I didn’t want some pedantic professional “thought leadership” in the few minutes I had between meetings, interviews and phone screens.  The reason I loved that blog - and […]

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Goodonya: Once on This Island


There’s something almost mystical about Australia – which makes sense, considering its antipodal positioning.  And, I can tell you from experience, that 17 hour plane ride across the Pacific sucks.  You know when you get excited that the monotony of sky and surf is broken by some remote atoll or, better yet, a barge – […]

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15 Offensive Posts I Wanted To Write But Couldn’t Get Away WIth


As much as I write (which, really, isn’t much considering this is what I do), I spend twice as much time starting stuff that never sees the light of day. My process is title first, then actual content.That almost never works. Making completing an actual post instead of scrapping it a few hundred words in […]

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Millennials and Social Media


The first thing you should know about recruiting Generation Y? According to pioneering generational researchers William Strauss and Neil Howe, workers born between 1982-2000 actually prefer to be called Millennials. That nuance illustrates the essential element to recruiting and attracting the best Millennial talent — effective communications that speak to and understand their language and values. […]

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Under the Bridge and Trolling


I’ll confess: I’m a troll.  And not because I’m so damn short.  It’s because, to cite my favored definition, a troll – in online parlance, at least – is someone who enjoys experimenting with the emotions and passions about things that seem, to any reasonable person, silly, superficial and specious.  Take sourcing, for example.

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Press Release Released For Sake of Releasing Press Release


TALENT, OREGON – Feb 11, 2014 (WORTHLESS WIRE) — GenericTech, a leading provider of people empowerment solutions, announced today that the company is putting out a press release simply for the purposes of putting out a press release. This revolutionary PR approach goes far beyond traditional content marketing to focus on an engaging user experience […]

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