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15 Offensive Posts I Wanted To Write But Couldn’t Get Away WIth


As much as I write (which, really, isn’t much considering this is what I do), I spend twice as much time starting stuff that never sees the light of day. My process is title first, then actual content.That almost never works. Making completing an actual post instead of scrapping it a few hundred words in […]

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Millennials and Social Media


The first thing you should know about recruiting Generation Y? According to pioneering generational researchers William Strauss and Neil Howe, workers born between 1982-2000 actually prefer to be called Millennials. That nuance illustrates the essential element to recruiting and attracting the best Millennial talent — effective communications that speak to and understand their language and values. […]

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Under the Bridge and Trolling


I’ll confess: I’m a troll.  And not because I’m so damn short.  It’s because, to cite my favored definition, a troll – in online parlance, at least – is someone who enjoys experimenting with the emotions and passions about things that seem, to any reasonable person, silly, superficial and specious.  Take sourcing, for example.

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Press Release Released For Sake of Releasing Press Release


TALENT, OREGON – Feb 11, 2014 (WORTHLESS WIRE) — GenericTech, a leading provider of people empowerment solutions, announced today that the company is putting out a press release simply for the purposes of putting out a press release. This revolutionary PR approach goes far beyond traditional content marketing to focus on an engaging user experience […]

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More Fun With Stalking/Sourcing on Twitter.


I’ve already written a post about how to stalk someone via Twitter for sourcing and recruiting, but I thought that it might be interesting to try showing an example of how job seekers might be able to apply this trick to proactively engaging with recruiters.  Recruiters talk a lot about ‘candidate experience,’ but here’s a […]

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The Gospel of Social Recruiting


I’m no theologian – my apologetics tend to be limited to defending snarky blog comments – but one thing that’s always struck me as kind of odd is the striking semblance that social has kind of always had to spirituality. I’m not talking about those who would, like the Pharisees, display their faith by live […]

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Influenca: Ignoring The Influence Industry


The last few weeks have brought on an onslaught of posts dedicated to HR and recruiting trends, although it’s a constant staple of almost every B2B editorial calendar, New Year’s or not. The funny thing is, upon closer inspection it seems that in the business of hiring, trends aren’t actually defined by consumer demand or market […]

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The One About #SourceCon


The first recruiting industry event I attended was the Social Recruiting Summit in New York City in 2009, then only months removed from actually recruiting for the most magical place on earth.  And I remember how excited I was by having finally met a group of people who were just as geeked out about this […]

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5 Content Marketing Predictions for 2014


Because there was a picture of a cute animal along with a retweetable headline, duh. Consider this a bonus prediction, but keyword laden lead paragraphs in employer content marketing will continue to be the only original content involved in most employer content marketing in 2014.  Or does it lose to the rhethorical question to drive […]

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6 Social Media Content Marketing Lessons


6. People Hate Long Leads. People love numbered lists.

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